The San Gabriel Women’s Foundation works to make San Gabriel a better place to live, work and play.


There are quite a few organizations that I have donated to and have participated in over the years.  The San Gabriel Women’s Foundation is by far one of the best, an all-volunteer based organization that truly demonstrates the meaning of “Giving Back”. I attended a meeting via my employer as part of the community outreach team and immediately knew this was an organization that my company and I personally could be proud of supporting. If I had never become a part of the foundation I also wouldn’t have met so many great people who continually inspire and motivate me to continue our efforts to make a difference.  By supporting this organization I have seen personally the impact a few can make on an entire community.

Mary M.

About 18 years ago, a friend invited me to go to a meeting and find out what the group was all about.  Everyone was very friendly and I liked their activities and how community minded they were. The San Gabriel Women’s Foundation always thinks about not what we can do for ourselves but what does the community need. We have an annual Soup and Salad Luncheon with funds raised for our Civic Grants given to other groups and each Holiday we have a program where we give food, toys and money to needy families. I am proud and happy to say I represent the San Gabriel Women’s Foundation.

Pam P

The San Gabriel Women’s Foundation is a relatively new name for an old organization. It was started by community-minded women in 1936. Then we were the Women’s Division of the Chamber of Commerce. In those early days we were the official City Hostesses at events; but we always had our core mission- civic projects to make San Gabriel “a better place to live, work and play!” 

We have evolved over the years into an organization of interested and forward-thinking persons who are deeply invested in the future and growth of San Gabriel.  Care to join us??

Irene C.

I first heard about the San Gabriel Women’s division from a board member Cookie Cici. I liked the fact that they are an organization that gives back to the community. I wanted to get involved with an organization in San Gabriel so I joined. I like being involved with fundraising and seeing the money that we give out goes to improving so many things around the city. Everyone should be a member of the San Gabriel Women’s Foundation. 

Joann L.

What a fun group of community supporters and givers. I am proud to be part of the San Gabriel Women’s Foundation.

Patty P.

I first met a few of the board members of the Women’s Division through my volunteer work at the Chamber of Commerce. I was then invited to attend the Annual Soup and Salad Luncheon. My exposure to this group of dedicated women and men made me want to be part of something special, so I joined.  I was asked to be on the Executive Board within a year or so, and accepted.  I am proud to be part of the San Gabriel Women’s Foundation, a great group that supports and gives back to the community. Please consider getting involved with the San Gabriel Women’s Foundation to meet some great people and assist us in supporting San Gabriel.

Luanne L.